Keynote, Clips, Bitsboard + Twitter

Episode 7:

Keynote, Clips, BitsBoard & Twitter

Jakob Hansen 🇩🇰

Syddanmark, Denmark



Jakob takes us on a whirlwind tour of Keynote, the multi-purpose swiss-army-knife of apps as well as showing us a selection of fantastically useful top tips for using the app.

Alina Slepushkina 🇷🇺

Moscow, Russia



Alina introduces us to an app called Bitsboard which lets you create quick and easy learning activities using vocabulary you enter into the app. Great for language learners and beyond.

Levent Erdogan 🇭🇰

Kwun Tong, Hong Kong



Levent explores the video editing app Clips and explains how he does some of his video editing magic. He shows us the basics and then shares some real tips and tricks on how you can use Clips to create fun and engaging videos for your learners.

Jacob Woolcock 🇬🇧

Cornwall, United Kingdom



I take a moment to share the Twitter app, in particular how I use it for personal professional development and how I organise ideas, thoughts and inspirational posts for future reference.

Sphero EDU, AR Makr, Video Leap + Seesaw

Episode 6:

Sphero EDU, AR Makr, Video Leap & Seesaw

Lyndsey Stuttard 🇬🇧

Cobham, United Kingdom

AR Makr

Lyndsey talks us through how she uses AR Makr in extraordinary ways, as well as sharing some top tips for getting the most from Augmented Reality in the classroom.

Pedro Lobo 🇧🇷

São Luis, Brazil


Pedro explains how he uses VideoLeap to prepare gorgeous learning videos for his pupils and tells us how to make the most of video editing by sharing some handy shortcuts in the app.

Tom Konsek 🇬🇧

Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom


Tom shares his passion for the Seesaw app and talks us through the difference it has had in his classroom from both a time-saving and pedagogical point of view.

Jacob Woolcock 🇬🇧

Cornwall, United Kingdom

Sphero EDU

This month I've been kindly sent a Sphero RVR robot for review so I take this opportunity to talk about how we use the Sphero EDU app at my school for cross-curricular coding as well as sharing some initial thoughts on the RVR itself.

Showbie, Numbers, Plickers + Swift Playgrounds

Episode 5:

Swift Playgrounds, Numbers, Plickers & Showbie

Chris Lawson 🇬🇧

Wigan, United Kingdom


Chris talks passionately about Showbie and how he's used it to turn his classroom paperless. He also dips into Socrative to demonstrate how closely the two apps link up.

Bikem Özdinç 🇹🇷

Istanbul, Turkey


Bikem shared an app called Plickers which she uses almost daily for assessment in her class. She tells us how the children love the interactive element and how beneficial this has been to her teaching.

Laura George 🇬🇧

Kent, United Kingdom


Laura has recently challenged herself to learn 90 new things about Numbers in her 90DaysOfNumbers challenge. Here she shares some top tips to make the most of this free app and talks about how it could help in your classroom.

Jacob Woolcock 🇬🇧

Cornwall, United Kingdom

Swift Playgrounds

This month I share the Swift Playgrounds app and talk about how we're using it in our school. I demonstrate how you can take it further than just 'Learn to Code 1 and 2' by exploring the extensive range of other resources that are available for free within the app.

GarageBand, Tinkercad, Padlet + LessonUp

Episode 4:

GarageBand, Tinkercad, Padlet & LessonUp

Rhea Flohr 🇳🇱

Brabant, The Netherlands


Rhea talks to us about an exciting app called LessonUp, which she uses to create interactive and dynamic lessons for her pupils.

Alicia Bankhofer 🇦🇹

Vienna, Austria


Alicia talks us through Padlet and how she uses it for collaboration in her classroom.


Eldar shares his favourite app GarageBand and goes beneath the surface to show us some incredible power-user features which he utilities in his class.

Jacob Woolcock 🇬🇧

Cornwall, United Kingdom


This month I share a brand new app for iPad, Tinkercad. This powerful tool has been a long-time favourite of mine on Mac, but now it's on iPad it enables pupils to design and create in 3D in a more tactile way than ever before.

Flipgrid, TTRockstars, Toontastic + Google Arts & Culture

Episode 3:

Flipgrid, Times Tables Rockstars, Toontastic & Google Arts and Culture

Martin Willis 🇬🇧

Edinburgh, United Kingdom


Martin explains how he's recently fallen back in love with Flipgrid and the many benefits the app is having in his classroom.

Emma Fourie 🇿🇦

East London, South Africa


Emma shares a fantastic app which she uses with her pupils to enhance storytelling, create animations and improve pupil literacy.

Jacob Woolcock 🇬🇧

Cornwall, United Kingdom

Google Arts & Culture

I talk about an app which is being used right across his school to help with art lessons and art research, as well as showing off a cool AR feature.

Rachel Walker 🇬🇧

Nottingham, United Kingdom

Times Tables Rockstars

Rachel sings the praises of TTRockstars and talks about the impact it has had on her school. She also shares how she got her special Rockstar Name!

Adobe Spark, Pixabay, Popplet, Simple Learning Time + Video Delay

Episode 2:

Adobe Spark, Pixabay, Popplet, Simple Learning Time & Video Delay

Emma Oxley-Simpson 🇿🇦

Cape Town, South Africa

Simple Learning Time

Emma tells us a very inspiring story behind her app, Simple Learning Time and how she's transformed how she teachers her children to tell the time.

Matt Warne 🇬🇧

Worcester, United Kingdom

Video Delay

Matt talks about the app Video Delay which he uses to great effect in PE lessons throughout his school.

Sabe Gnanam 🇦🇪

Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

Adobe Spark & Pixabay

Sabe does a double and shares both Adobe Spark Video and also Pixabay, demonstrating how both have effectively enhanced his students creativity by allowing them to create fun and dynamic outcomes on the iPads.

Jacob Woolcock 🇬🇧

Cornwall, United Kingdom


In this episode I talk briefly about Popplet and how I've been using this app to create dynamic and eye-catching mind maps in my lessons.

Socrative, Plotagon, Kahoot + Numbots

Episode 1:

Socrative, Plotagon, Kahoot & Numbots

Philip Stevenson 🇬🇧

London, United Kingdom


Philip tells us all about how he uses Socrative in his classroom to help with assessment and gauging pupil understanding of a topic in real time.

Emma Fourie 🇿🇦

East London, South Africa


Emma discusses her favourite app Plotagon which she uses for creating beautiful animations and short scenes across the whole curriculum.

Hannah Renfrew 🇬🇧

London, United Kingdom


Hannah shares Kahoot as a quick, colourful and fun way to give multiple-choice quizzes to her pupils as well as being able to assess their understanding afterwards.

Jacob Woolcock 🇬🇧

Cornwall, United Kingdom


Jacob talks about the new Numbots app and how this is improving number bonds and addition/subtraction skills in his primary school.