Smashing Apps

Episode 6:

Sphero EDU, AR Makr, Video Leap & Seesaw

Lyndsey Stuttard 🇬🇧

Cobham, United Kingdom

AR Makr

Lyndsey talks us through how she uses AR Makr in extraordinary ways, as well as sharing some top tips for getting the most from Augmented Reality in the classroom.

Pedro Lobo 🇧🇷

São Luis, Brazil


Pedro explains how he uses VideoLeap to prepare gorgeous learning videos for his pupils and tells us how to make the most of video editing by sharing some handy shortcuts in the app.

Tom Konsek 🇬🇧

Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom


Tom shares his passion for the Seesaw app and talks us through the difference it has had in his classroom from both a time-saving and pedagogical point of view.

Jacob Woolcock 🇬🇧

Cornwall, United Kingdom

Sphero EDU

This month I've been kindly sent a Sphero RVR robot for review so I take this opportunity to talk about how we use the Sphero EDU app at my school for cross-curricular coding as well as sharing some initial thoughts on the RVR itself.