Smashing Apps

Episode 3:

Flipgrid, Times Tables Rockstars, Toontastic & Google Arts and Culture

Martin Willis 🇬🇧

Edinburgh, United Kingdom


Martin explains how he's recently fallen back in love with Flipgrid and the many benefits the app is having in his classroom.

Emma Fourie 🇿🇦

East London, South Africa


Emma shares a fantastic app which she uses with her pupils to enhance storytelling, create animations and improve pupil literacy.

Jacob Woolcock 🇬🇧

Cornwall, United Kingdom

Google Arts & Culture

I talk about an app which is being used right across his school to help with art lessons and art research, as well as showing off a cool AR feature.

Rachel Walker 🇬🇧

Nottingham, United Kingdom

Times Tables Rockstars

Rachel sings the praises of TTRockstars and talks about the impact it has had on her school. She also shares how she got her special Rockstar Name!