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Using Borders to Enhance Photos [Video Tutorial]

13th October 2019

Jacob Woolcock


A 60 second guide on how to make your photos really pop on the page by using decorative photo borders in Keynote on iPad.

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Okay, so you’ve got a sheet of photos but you want them to look a little bit more special? Well, take a look at this…

I’m starting with a sheet of photos in Keynote and I’m going to tap on one picture and press the Format paintbrush.

I want to press the last of those six borders and then tap onto Style.

I’ve gone for the pinboard one.

Tap on that and it’ll apply straight away to your photo.

Repeat this with each photo on the page and before you know it you’ll have a screen full of photographs, all with really fancy borders.

Then you can drop a photo as the background by inserting a new picture, tapping on the Format brush arranging it to the very back and voila, a beautiful cork board full of photos.

But it doesn’t stop there – have a look at these other examples.

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