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Create Animations with the Magic Move Transition in Keynote

10th November 2019

Jacob Woolcock


A 60 second guide on how to set up Magic Move and use it to create simple and fun animations in Keynote on iPad.

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Let’s have a look at how we can use Magic Move in Keynote to easily and amazingly add animations to all of your presentations.

The trick here it to have two slides with the same content on.

So tap on the first one, Copy it, tap underneath and press Paste.

Now, on that second one you want to make your changes for the animation. This is your end point.

I’m going to delete some stars, move the rocket, make the title smaller and just drop that moon out of the frame.

I now have a beginning, my original slide, and an end, this slide.

I’m going to tap onto my first one and press Transition I’m going to choose Magic Move.

It’ll give me a live preview straight away and you will see that all of the elements from slide 1 have animated into slide 2.

Don’t forget to use the play button at the top to view your presentation in full screen.

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