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Save your work as a Video File in Keynote

17th November 2019

Jacob Woolcock


A 60 second guide on how to export or save your project as a video file which can be played anywhere using Keynote on iPad.

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It’s time to have a look at how we can export our work from Keynote as a video file which we can then share online or with other people.

So the first important step is to make sure you’re completely happy with what you’ve made.

Press the play button in the top corner and just watch your presentation or animation from beginning to end to check you’re happy.

When you are you’re going to press the three dots in the top corner and you’re going to go down to where it says Export.

From here we’re going to click onto Movie and we’re going to change a few settings if we need to.

Here you can choose which slides you want to save as well as the quality of your video.

When you’re done press Export and a progress bar will fill up.

You then need to press Share and Save Video – that’ll drop it into your Photos app with all your other videos – as you can see on the screen now.

It’s now ready for sharing wherever and with whoever you like. Job done!

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