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Creating Before & After Photo Effects in Keynote [Video Tutorial]

6th October 2019

Jacob Woolcock


A 60 second guide on how to make some really eye-catching Before & After photos in Keynote on iPad. Think how great this could be for a local history lesson?

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I want to show you a really quick technique today to make some before and after photos using Keynote and using a really nice effect called Sparkle. Take a look at this…

Now, it’s important to have two photos which have the same perspective of a particular object.

One from before and one after.

Then you want to resize them so they sit one on top of the other.

When they’re like this you tap the top image and you press animate. You want to add a Build In effect.

Scroll right the way to the end and choose Sparkle and you’ll get a preview straight away.

If you press the X on the left hand side of that toolbar you can then adjust the effect and change the duration.

Finally press Done in the top corner and press the Play button to watch your before and after Sparkle effect.

I can’t wait to see what you can make with this really lovely technique in Keynote.

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