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How to Fill Text and Titles with Photos in Keynote

28th October 2019

Jacob Woolcock


In this quick tip video, we explore how to enhance your titles with photographs, a simple yet effective way to make your content stand out. Learn how to fill text with an image using the Format paintbrush in Keynote, and adjust the picture size for the perfect fit. Plus, discover how to add a final touch by applying an outline to your text, allowing you to choose both the colour and thickness for a polished look.

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Okay, so our quick tip this time is all about how to jazz up your titles using photographs.

On my page here I’ve got a big, bold title.

I’m going to tap on it and press the Format paintbrush and this time I’m going to tap on Text Colour.

On the right hand side you’ll see Image and

if you tap there you can change image.

I’m going to choose a picture of some fireworks and straight away it fills my text.

You can change the size of this picture by using the Original Size button and moving the slider.

This image doesn’t really work for me, so I’m going to try a different photograph – that looks much better!

But what I will do is add a quick outline to my text.

Press on the three little dots hereand scroll down to turn on the outline.

You can then choose a colour and a thickness.

Job done!

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