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How to Use the New Floor Plan Feature in Controller for HomeKit


3 weeks ago

In this video, I showcase the exciting new Floor Plan feature in the Controller for HomeKit app, which allows you to create a 3D scan of your home and control all your HomeKit accessories directly from this interactive map. I guide you step-by-step on how to set up... [read more]

Change the Resolution of your iPad to Maximise Screen Space


2 years ago

With iPadOS 16.1 you can now change the display resolution of your iPad to allow you to get far more content on screen than ever before. That means your 11" iPad can now have as much on screen as the larger 12.9" iPad! This opens up exciting possibilities... [read more]

Embedding Websites and Attaching Documents


2 years ago

Sometimes with a Freeform Board you might want to embed content from other apps and locations. Whether that's a website URL, a spreadsheet from Numbers, a location from Maps or many other things - Freeform makes this process easy and incredibly helpful. In this short and easy-to-follow tutorial... [read more]

A Guide to iPad Dictation: Voice Typing Made Easy


3 weeks ago

In this video, I demonstrate how to enable and use the built-in dictation feature on the iPad, highlighting its ability to transcribe spoken words into text accurately and efficiently. By following the step-by-step instructions, you'll learn how to activate dictation in the settings and use it across various... [read more]

Record Video using the Clips App


5 years ago

A 60 second(ish) guide on how to record and view video footage in the Clips app for iPhone and iPad. [read more]

Capture the Stars with Astrophotography on iPhone


4 months ago

Discover how to capture breathtaking photographs of the night sky using your iPhone's night mode feature. Learn the secrets of long exposure photography to reveal stunning details and stars that are invisible to the naked eye. This tutorial guides you through the easy steps to achieve magical night-time... [read more]

Using Smart Annotations for Inline Feedback in Pages


1 week ago

In this video, I demonstrate how to use the Smart Annotations feature in the Pages app, a powerful tool for both students and teachers. You'll learn how to mark up text with a Skriva stylus, providing real-time feedback that stays aligned with the text even as students make... [read more]

Creating and Collaborate on Digital Mind Maps in Freeform


1 week ago

In this video, I demonstrate how to use a Skriva stylus and the Freeform app on an iPad to create collaborative digital mind maps with students. By replacing traditional Post-it notes and paper with this digital solution, I show how to enhance classroom learning and management. You'll learn... [read more]

Add an Animated Digital Pet to the Dynamic Island


2 years ago

Now iOS 16.1 has been released there are lots of apps taking advantage of the new Dynamic Island. However, there are none quite like Pixel Pals! This awesome new app give you your very own, tamagotchi-style, digital pet that lives in your Dynamic Island, on your Lock Screen... [read more]

Using Instant Alpha to Remove Backgrounds from Images


5 years ago

A 60 second guide on removing the background from your images or photos by using the Instant Alpha tool in Keynote on iPad. [read more]