Add an Animated Digital Pet to the Dynamic Island

25th October 2022


iPhone 14 Pro
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iOS 16.1

Jacob Woolcock

25th October 2022

Jacob Woolcock



iPhone 14 Pro
IOS_16_icon copy
iOS 16.1

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Now iOS 16.1 has been released there are lots of apps taking advantage of the new Dynamic Island. However, there are none quite like Pixel Pals! This awesome new app give you your very own, tamagotchi-style, digital pet that lives in your Dynamic Island, on your Lock Screen and even as Home Screen widgets. Check out this quick and easy-to-follow video to get started and learn how to adopt your very own Pixel Pal!

Download Pixel Pals here:


There is an awesome new app that I’ve come across called Pixel Pals, and it will let you add your own animated virtual pet to your Dynamic Island, your Lock Screen, or your Home Screen.

Just like a virtual Tamagotchi from the 90s!

So when we go to the App Store we’re going to grab the Pixel Pals app, and when you open it you have the choice to use the free version (which will give you access to a couple of pets) or you can pay for the full version (where you get all the pets available).

At the top of the screen you’ll see the pets that are currently available in the app, and if I tap onto one you may notice right above my Dynamic Island you can see that pet having a little stroll.

Now the first thing you can do with these pets is use them with a Home Screen Widget.

So if I come out of the app very quickly you’ll see that I’ve got my cat here on my Home Screen.

This Widget is beautifully animated, and it really does have that Tamagotchi style I mentioned earlier!

Of course you can tap and hold the Widget and then you can choose what pet you want to have, and you can choose the movement they display on the Home Screen.

But I know what you’re thinking – you’re thinking “well Jacob, the thumbnail had it in the Dynamic Island, where’s that?!”

So, let’s jump back into the app and we’re going to turn on the toggle to always show the Pixel Pet.

Then, when I come out of the app, the Dynamic Island will suddenly have my macaw up there flying around.

This will work in any app on my iPhone because the Dynamic Island is working in the background, and it will even work on my Lock Screen.

If I lock my phone quickly you’ll see Kiwi the Pixel Pet there on my Lock Screen as well, and before we have a look at how we can interact with our Pixel Iet it might be a good time to maybe ask you to Subscribe down below…

I love making iPhone #QuickTip videos to show you things that you didn’t know you could do with your device, just like these Pixel Pets.

Okay, enough of that – it’s feeding time!

If I long press the Dynamic Island I have options to interact with my pet.

I can change the pet on the first button, I can feed my pet, or I can play.

If I go onto the feed option there are some different types of food, and of course I can tap on one to feed my Pixel Pet.

At the top of my screen above the Dynamic Island you will see the pet munching on that food, but I fed Kiwi quite recently so I can’t do it again just yet.

So instead let’s come out of that, and we’ll long press that Island again and this time we’ll have a play.

You can either play with the Ball or the Magic Wand, and if I go for the ball here you’ll see Kiwi having a bit of stimulation and enrichment.

There’s even the option to have two pets in the Dynamic Island – one on each side!

So if I turn that option on I can then choose my second pet.

I’ll go for the fox which is called Finnegan and then when I come off of there I’ve got two pets at the top, and they’re going to be with me all the time when I’m using my iPhone.

And if you like this then please do Subscribe down below, there are hundreds more iPhone tips on my channel.

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