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Embedding Websites and Attaching Documents [Video Tutorial]

8th December 2022

Jacob Woolcock


Sometimes with a Freeform Board you might want to embed content from other apps and locations. Whether that’s a website URL, a spreadsheet from Numbers, a location from Maps or many other things – Freeform makes this process easy and incredibly helpful. In this short and easy-to-follow tutorial I’ll show you how to embed different types of content onto your Freeform Board and what you can do with it once it’s on there.

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It’s now time to start adding some rich media onto this Freeform board, including websites and documents I’ve made on my iPad.

So to begin with I want to add the website for Alcatraz( because that’s somewhere that I’d like to visit on this trip), so I’m going to copy the URL from Safari and then all I’m going to do is tap on a blank space in Freeform and press Paste.

After a moment a rich link will load, which should have a big featured image and the title of the page underneath.

This is great because it means I can really quickly jump back to that website right from inside my Freeform board, and later on when I add some collaborators they can see the information too.

So let’s add some more links, and to do this I’ll press the three dots at the top of my screen and go into Split View and I can drag another URL straight from Safari onto this page.

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Okay, now I’ve got all those URLs there are a couple of things that we can do to change how they look on our board.

If I tap on the three dots, there is the option to untick where it says Constrain Proportions.

That means that when you resize these links you can make them any shape or size you like, so I can make this image much more square by dragging it out like this.

Sometimes you might find that the website doesn’t load a rich image as part of a preview.

You can correct this (if it’s available) by pressing the little Refresh button on the options.

That will scan the page again and try and find another image to use.

It’s not only websites that we can attach into our Freeform board though – if I press the Media button in the top I can then go onto my Files browser and import pretty much anything I like.

Here’s a Pages document of a shopping list, and I can import that straight into my board.

Not only can I move it around and reposition it, but I can also tap on the little eyeball and it will open that document within Freeform as a full page for me to look at.

Of course from here I can open it in Pages to make changes, or I can come back to Freeform and continue with my board.

And that’s exactly what I’m going to do, because in the next video we’ll have a look at using the Drawing and Annotation tools built into Freeform.

So follow that link now and I’ll see you there.

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