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How to Export and Share a Board as a PDF [Video Tutorial]

13th December 2022

Jacob Woolcock


Once you’ve finished a Freeform Board you’ll probably want to share it outside of the Freeform app. In this short tutorial I’ll show you how to export your Board as a PDF document (either with or without the dotted background). After that I’ll also show you how to create a template that you can then duplicate and adjust as you need to.

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Right, this is it the last video in my Freeform series for now!

Today in this video we’re going to export our board as a PDF that we can then share and view anywhere we like.

So on the top toolbar press those three dots, and the first thing you’re going to want to do is to disable the dotted background.

This makes your PDF look a bit cleaner and easier to look at.

Then when you’re ready you can press those three dots again and select Export As PDF.

From here it’s up to you what you do with that PDF, but I’d recommend perhaps saving it to Files which makes it easy to access in the future.

In fact, let’s jump out of Freeform now and into Files and we’ll see that document there.

Now you can zoom into great detail on this PDF, but obviously you can’t edit things and change it because it’s not a Freeform document anymore.

But we could make a template in Freeform and then edit it a little bit – so let’s jump back into there quickly and then back on the Freeform home screen.

What I’m going to do is tap and hold on my Board and press Duplicate.

That will then create an exact copy of the Board which I can obviously rename and make changes to.

It won’t affect my original Cologne Board, but that now means I can start planning a trip to somewhere else like London or Paris or somewhere else I’d like to go to.

And that’s it!

That’s a really quick guide all about how to use Freeform for iPhone.

If you want to look at the Mac and iPad versions then follow the links in the description, and I’ll see you for more iPhone tips very soon!

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