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Embedding Websites and Attaching Documents

13th December 2022

Jacob Woolcock


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Sometimes with a Freeform Board you might want to embed content from other apps and locations. Whether that’s a website URL, a spreadsheet from Numbers, a location from Maps or many other things – Freeform makes this process easy and incredibly helpful. In this short and easy-to-follow tutorial I’ll show you how to embed different types of content onto your Freeform Board and what you can do with it once it’s on there.

To start making this Board more useful I want to start adding in web links to places I want to visit in Cologne, so when I get there I can really quickly find out ticket information and directions and stuff like that.

I’m going to jump into Safari now, and here I’ve got the page for the Cologne Zoo.

I’m going to simply copy the URL (the address at the top) and jump back into Freeform and paste it in a blank space.

Freeform will then format this into a nice card with a featured image, the title and the URL at the bottom.

Of course tapping on here takes me straight to the website (or in this case the TripAdvisor app) and when I come back to Freeform I can position this and resize it however I like.

By default Freeform will only let you scale this link diagonally, but if I tap on the three dots and then untick Constrain Proportions I can then make my link more horizontal or more vertical which will affect the size of that image.

So now I can see more of the camels which is much better!

Of course we haven’t just got to link to websites – we can link in other documents and media too.

If I press that Insert button at the bottom I can go into my Files browser and I can add the shopping list that I’ve been working on for souvenirs to buy in Cologne.

This is a Pages document so when I add it into Freeform I get a nice preview of the document itself with the details underneath, and simply by tapping on it I get a preview inside of Freeform.

If I want to I can open this in Pages to make edits and more changes, and anything I do will be updated automatically on the Freeform Board which is really handy.

In fact it’s not just documents you can add – there are loads of different types of rich media that you can explore and add into Freeform.

For example I could go into Maps and I could copy the address for Cologne Cathedral and that will paste a nice rich Maps card in Freeform.

I could copy a playlist from Apple Music and put that in there and it will bring the artwork and stuff across for me.

It’s a really great way of embedding content that you can easily organise and access again.

While I’m adding some more things to my Board it’s time to make your way to the next video where we’ll be looking at the annotation tools built into Freeform.

I’ll see you there in just a moment.

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