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Introduction to the Infinite Canvas

13th December 2022

Jacob Woolcock


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With the new Freeform app for iPhone you can organise your thoughts, create detailed plans and arrange mind maps and documents in a whole new way. With an infinite canvas and incredible collaboration tools, this app is incredibly powerful. In this playlist of videos I’ll guide you through how it all works and share plenty of tips and tricks as we go.

Hi, it’s me Jacob.

I’m really excited to share with you a brand new set of tutorials all about the new Apple app called Freeform.

Over the course of the next nine videos I will get you up to speed with all of the cool and interesting things you can do in Freeform.

So let’s go ahead and open up the Freeform app and straight away you’ve got a list of recently used documents which are called Boards.

The Board that I’m going to work on for this set of tutorials is going to be my Cologne Trip, where I’m planning a fictional trip to the German city of Cologne.

If I tap onto that and open it you can see straight away I’ve got this dotted background and a white page, and in the middle I’ve got a nice picture.

But the first thing to know about Freeform (and one of its main selling points) is that it’s called an infinite canvas.

That means as I zoom out, and out, and out I can keep working on as larger scale as I want to.

This makes it a great app for things like mood boards or mind maps or general plans that you’re not sure quite how they’re going to develop over time.

In this tutorial I’m going to focus on the iPhone version of Freeform, but if you click the links down below I’ve also made a set of tutorials for the iPad version and the Mac version.

So whatever platform you’re on hopefully these will help you out.

In the next video we’ll look at adding text and sticky notes, so follow the link and I’ll see you there.

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