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Change the Resolution of your iPad to Maximise Screen Space

11th November 2022

Jacob Woolcock


With iPadOS 16.1 you can now change the display resolution of your iPad to allow you to get far more content on screen than ever before. That means your 11″ iPad can now have as much on screen as the larger 12.9″ iPad! This opens up exciting possibilities for Stage Manager as you can better organise and control your open applications. This quick and easy-to-follow tutorial video will get you up and running in no time.

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A new feature in iPadOS 16 will let you change the display scale – the resolution – of your iPad.

That means on an 11 inch iPad PRO you can see the same amount of content that you’d get on the larger 12.9 inch iPad Pro.

So to try this out we’ll go into Settings and on the left hand side we’re going to find Display and Brightness.

Then at the bottom of this page you want to go down to where it says Display Zoom, then if you tap onto here you can choose what mode you would like.

Now the Default mode is the one you’ve been used to for years gone by, but the one that says More Space will change your iPad quite dramatically – in fact more so than that little animated thumbnail might suggest!

When you go on to here your device will quickly restart (and through the magic of editing that’s nice and quick!) and now you can see what more space mode looks like.

Immediately you can see more content in the Settings app than there was before – more options on the sidebar, and the text that’s there is smaller.

The resolution has been increased quite dramatically.

But if we compare side-by-side you’ll see exactly what a difference this is.

So starting in a basic app like Maps you can see that on the left hand side there’s more information in that toolbox and you get more map on the screen.

Then if we go into Split View I’ve got Music and Pages – you can see just how much more is displayed in Music when I’ve got the scaling turned on rather than in default standard mode.

And lastly this features real chance to shine is in Stage Manager.

Have a look at the difference here between the scaling mode being on and being off – we can see more icons in the different Files apps, we can see more space around the apps and we can position them however we like on the screen because we’ve got more resolution to play with.

That’s a quick tip for your iPad. Make sure you subscribe down below for loads more!

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