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Record Video using the Clips App [Video Tutorial]

28th August 2019

Jacob Woolcock



A 60 second(ish) guide on how to record and view video footage in the Clips app for iPhone and iPad.

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Clips is a really quick way of making a short film with some really fun special effects built in.

We’ll start right at the beginning – this is how to record video using Clips.

I’ve opened up the Clips app and it goes straight to the camera.

Now, I can push and hold that big pink button and it will record for as long as my finger is on the screen.

I can do that multiple times and you’ll notice at the bottom of my screen are some clips building up – I’ve got two already.

We’re just going to build up a couple more clips for my new project.

If you want to you can tap that pink bar and swipe up, and then it will record without your hands on the screen -which means you can do some deadheading like this!

Now, because you’re on a mobile device you can be really creative with your filming as well.

You can get some interesting angles and some really nice clips to use in your project.

When you’ve finished making your clips you can press the Play button and it will play back what you’ve got so far.

Now, this is just the very beginning of what Clips can do…

Stay tuned for the next few videos and I think you’ll be pretty impressed with the power of Clips.

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