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Reordering and Deleting Videos in the Clips App

30th August 2019

Jacob Woolcock



This video tutorial covers the techniques of rearranging and deleting clips in Clips, showing how to easily move them within the timeline for optimal sequencing and how to remove unwanted clips either by dragging or using the delete button. We also emphasize the importance of previewing your work to ensure the arrangement flows smoothly.

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I think it’s time we have a look at re-arranging clips, and maybe deleting some as well.

Let’s have a look…

Now, we know from the last video that if you tap on a clip you get some circular buttons.

If you tap and hold on a clip, and move your finger up to pull it away from that timeline you can actually rearrange it to wherever you’d like.

You can drop that little floating clip at any point in your timeline.

It’s very fast to rearrange your clips.

And don’t forget you can always press that Plat button in the bottom left corner to preview what you’ve got so far.

To delete a clip put your finger on it again and hold just like before, but this time bring it up and let go in the middle of the screen.

Just like that it’ll be gone from your timeline.

Alternatively, if you tap on the clip once you can press the circular Delete button in the middle and that’ll get rid of it for you as well.

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