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Trimming your Videos in the Clips App [Video Tutorial]

30th August 2019

Jacob Woolcock



A 60 second(ish) guide on how to trim and adjust the length of your videos in the Clips app for iPhone and iPad.

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At this stage we’ve got some footage into Clips so now it’s time to have a look at editing it to make it look even better.

Firstly you need to tap on one of your clips at the bottom and then on the circular buttons that come up, press Trim.

You’ll then see a long rectangle which represents your clip and there are yellow bars on each side.

These are how you clip your video.

There’s also a white playhead and you can use that to see exactly where you’re going to clip before you move in the yellow bars on each side.

With the yellow clipping bars you can be really precise and you can trim from the beginning or the end of the clip.

You can then preview that straight away, above where you’re working.

When you’re done press the yellow Apply button and it will take you back to your whole project.

When you’ve trimmed all of your clips you can then press the Play button in the bottom left corner to see what you’ve got so far.

Next time we’ll have a really quick look at rearranging and deleting clips.

See you there.

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