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Bring Existing Videos into the Clips App

29th August 2019

Jacob Woolcock



A 60 second(ish) guide on how to import your existing video footage from your Camera Roll into the Clips app for iPhone and iPad.

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Today I’d like to show you how you can bring in videos already on your Camera Roll straight into Clips to use on your projects.

In Clips you’re going to press the Library button in the middle of your screen and it’ll bring up your Camera Roll straight away.

From here you can navigate to the video you want to import and it’ll bring it up in the camera viewer you used last time.

You can actually swipe sideways or up and down to reposition your video because it’s going to be cropped into a square shape.

When you’ve got it in the right position push and hold that pink button and it will record as the video starts playing.

You can record as much or as little as you need.

I’m going to repeat this a couple of times with more videos so I’ve got some more clips in my project.

One other handy thing you can do is to pinch and zoom on that video before you start recording to zoom in or zoom out of what you’re capturing.

That way you can get the exact right shot that you need for your project.

Don’t worry if your videos are a little bit too long, or if they’re not in the right order yet – we’ll look at that next time. See you there!

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