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How to add Animated Title Posters into the Clips App [Video Tutorial]

30th August 2019

Jacob Woolcock



In this engaging Clips tutorial, we delve into the fun and creative use of Posters, a feature offering a variety of colourful graphics with customisable text to enhance your video projects. We demonstrate selecting a Poster, personalizing the text, and seamlessly integrating it into your Clips project, emphasizing the professional and fun impact these Posters can have on any video creation.

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Alright, we’ve covered some basics but now it’s time to have a lot of fun in Clips.

This is one of my favourite features…

We’re going to press the Posters button in the middle and straight away you’ll see a screen come up with loads of colourful graphics with text on.

Have an explore and choose one that you like.

I’ll go for this planet Earth themed one.

When you tap on it you can then change the text in that Poster.

You can type in whatever title or message for your video you’d like.

Press Apply in the top corner and then you’ll be back to this page.

Your poster might look a little bit different at the moment, but if you press and hold the Record button (that big pink one),

You’ll hopefully see your Poster come to life as it gets added to your Clips project.

You can record for as long as you want to and when you let go it’ll be inserted as a video into your project.

I’ll press my Poster button again and this time I’m going for the Autumn Leaves.

Seriously, stop this video now and go and have a look at the posters in Clips.

They are absolutely incredible. There’s so much choice, they’re so professional and so fun.

They will look amazing in whatever project you’re making.

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