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How to use Emojis in the Clips App [Video Tutorial]

3rd September 2019

Jacob Woolcock



A 60 second(ish) guide on how to select and use emojis in the Clips app for iPhone and iPad.

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Okay, so you’ve used stickers, now it’s time to add some Emoji to your work. It’s really simple to add Emoji. Simply tap on a clip, press that effects star, and then tap on the Emoji tab. From here, you have access to all of the Emoji on your device, and you can choose the one you want. I’m going to choose some animals that might fit in this pond scene, such as a chick or maybe a duck. When you tap on one, you can drag it into position with one finger and enlarge and rotate with two fingers. When you’ve added your Emoji, you can then go back and watch your clip. You’ll notice the Emoji kind of pop onto your page as you’re watching the video, which gives a really nice finish. I’m going to add one more Emoji to my scene of a tree, and I’m going to put in an octopus. Obviously, you can have a lot of fun with Emoji in Clips. See what they can add to your project by giving it a go now.

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