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How to use Animated Stickers in the Clips App

3rd September 2019

Jacob Woolcock



In this video, we explore the fun and creative possibilities of using Stickers in Clips, demonstrating how to animate and customise them to enhance your projects. We’ll also delve into adding exciting characters, like Chewbacca, to bring a playful element to your creations, especially for children.

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Okay, it’s time to have more fun with Clips. Let’s have a look at the Stickers and what they can add to your project. So, first of all, tap onto the clip you want to edit, and you’re going to press the effects star in the middle. From here, go onto the Stickers tab. Now, at the bottom of your screen, you’ll see a variety of different Stickers, some colourful ones and more simple ones, but each one of those is animated, and you can put it onto your page by simply tapping on it. When it’s there, you can use one finger to move it around, or two fingers to make it bigger, smaller, and to rotate it. When you’ve added a Sticker, press the ‘X’ button, and then play that particular clip. Your Sticker should be animated and it should add a really exciting finish to your piece. You can then go back and add extra Stickers to the same clip or to different clips. Take your time and experiment here; there are some really interesting ways you can liven up your presentation. There are even some really fun characters, such as one from Disney films, which I’m sure the children would love to use. Here’s Chewbacca hiding in the gardens. Give the Stickers a try; I’m sure you’ll have a great amount of fun using them.

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