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How to use an iPhone or Apple Watch to Remotely Control your Keynote Presentation on your iPad [Video Tutorial]

28th June 2020

Jacob Woolcock


We’ve all been there, wanting to display a Keynote presentation on the board but your iPad needs charging. Well did you know you can quickly and easily set up a second iOS device to act as a remote control in Keynote? You can walk around the classroom using your iPhone, another iPad or even your Apple Watch to control your Keynote presentation! You can even use advanced features like the virtual laser pointer and drawing tools from the remote control. Watch this short video to find out how.

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Here’s a really quick tip, showing how you can use your iPhone or Apple Watch to control a Keynote presentation on your iPad.

When you’ve got your presentation open on your iPad you want to press the More button in the top corner (that’s those three little dots) and then go down to where it says Allow Remote Control.

From here you want to flick that toggle switch to on if it isn’t already and then grab your second device.

I’m going to show you this on my iPhone, but it does work on the Apple Watch or another iPad as well.

Open up the Keynote app and in the top right corner press the Connect Remote button.

Follow the prompts here by pressing continue and your device will then start searching for other devices on your network with Keynote open.

Back on the iPad now you’ll see that my iPhone has shown up on that list of remote controls and I can tap on it to connect and you can approve that connection.

At this point your iPhone is now your remote control and you can press that green Play button to start the presentation running on your iPad.

You can jump forward and backwards through slides, you can trigger animations, and you can control your entire presentation now from your remote control.

This is so handy if you need to leave your iPad plugged in to charge or at the front of the room connected to the projector perhaps.

You can also use the MarkUp tools, so you can draw on your slides, or use the laser pointer from your remote control.

And you can even change how it’s shown on your remote control – for example you might want the current and the next slide, you might want the Presenter Notes visible, you can customise how this works for you.

When you’re done simply press the X in the top corner and that’s in, your remote control session is complete.

Keynote will remember your device in the future so if you want to do it again it’ll be even quicker to set up – just open up the Keynote app on your Remote Control, press that button in the top right corner, and you’ll be good to go.

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