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Use the Line Draw animation tool in Keynote to create simple but impressive animations [Video Tutorial]

12th July 2020

Jacob Woolcock


The latest update to Keynote for iPad has added the ability to super-charge your animations using a cool new feature on the Draw Path tool. Watch this QuickTip video to find out how the Align to Path option works when creating your own animations on your iPad.

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Let me show you a really quick tip that lets you add a whole new dimension to your animations in Keynote.

In Keynote you can use the Create Path animation to add movement to any object on your presentation.

I’ve got this rocket here and I’m going to add an animation and create a Path as an Action.

That Path will then do a loop-the-loop around my logo in the middle and it’ll fly off into space.

Now when I press Play you might notice that the rocket remains vertical which doesn’t look very natural.

Tap onto the name of the animation again and you’ll get a few more options.

On here you can choose Align to Path and turn that on.

You can use the rotation slider if you’d like to make it slightly more accurate and then when you press Preview your rocket will actually move along the line of the path itself – exactly as you’d want it to.

I’m also going to change my animation setting to remove the Ease In and Ease Out by setting that to None.

This will give the rocket a consistent movement throughout the animation.

Finally I’m going to add a second animation called a Scale effect to make the rocket get smaller as it flies away.

I’m going to set this to the same length as the rocket moving but I’m going to delay it slightly so it takes a moment for it to actually start shrinking.

I’m then going to tap on the animation and make sure it starts with the other one.

That means that both animations will happen simultaneously and my rocket will go blasting off into space!

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