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Create Personalised iMessage Stickers from your Photos in iOS 17

27th August 2023

Jacob Woolcock



Join me in this QuickTips tutorial where I unveil the exciting realm of personal stickers in iOS 17. In this video, I’ll guide you through the step-by-step process of turning your favourite photos into one-of-a-kind stickers that can liven up your iMessage conversations. From adding sticker effects like comic, shiny, and retro with fun looking outlines, you’ll learn how to create stickers that truly stand out. Let’s dive into this creative journey and elevate your iMessage chats with these captivating stickers that express your personal touch.

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Without a doubt one of the coolest features in iOS 17 are the new sticker options.

You can use these stickers right across your phone not just in Messages, and you can create your own using a photograph.

If I jump into the Camera I can get a quick photo of this Lego minifigure.

Then I’m going to jump into the Photos app and when I found that photo I’m going to tap and hold on the subject to extract that subject from the picture.

You know it’s worked because you get that white gold light that goes around the outside.

Then on that floating menu bar we have the Sticker option, and tapping on here brings up the iMessage Sticker Drawer just like this.

You’ll see immediately that that image is now a sticker in the Sticker app, along with the other ones that I’ve got.

But if I tap on there I can then add an effect – and here’s where you can make your stickers really personal!

You could go for a comic book style, or have a white border, or go over this sort of like semi-3d puffy style sticker.

I really like the shiny option as well, but for this Lego minifigure I think the white outline works brilliantly – so I’m going to select that one now.

And that sticker is now saved, and I can use that anywhere I like on my iPhone.

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