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Use LookUp to Interpret your Car Warning Lights

6th September 2023

Jacob Woolcock



In this video, I’ll walk you through how to use iOS 17’s LookUp feature to demystify car warning lights. Have you ever wondered, “What does this light on my dashboard mean?” Well, wonder no more! I’ll show you how to use your iPhone to snap photos of those enigmatic car warning lights, and then LookUp will come to the rescue, providing you with clear explanations and solutions. Say goodbye to the confusion and hello to understanding your vehicle better. Join me in unraveling the mysteries of car warning lights with the power of iOS 17.

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One of the really nice new features in iOS 17 is that the Lookup ability in Photos can do lots of new things – one of which is looking up symbols on your car dashboard.

Now, you might think “well how useful is that actually going to be?!” – but trust me if your car breaks down like mine did here it’s incredibly useful!

All you have to do is take a photo of your dashboard with those warning lights lit up and then Photos will tell you what they mean, which is handy because I wouldn’t have a clue otherwise!

At the bottom of the screen you have that Lookup button (the little ‘i’) and when you tap onto it you then get that sliding panel of information.

There’s now a new option for Auto Symbols and when you tap on there it will find any symbols it can recognise in your photo and it’ll give you a short description of what each one means.

That means I can see just what parts of my car is broken and how expensive that trip to mechanic is going to be!

Luckily in my case it turns out it’s just a flat battery, but for some reason it ended up lighting up my whole dashboard like a Christmas tree – but it wasn’t too bad to get it fixed.

But this is a really handy feature to have that makes your iPhone better and more useful than before now you’ve got iOS 17 installed.

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