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How to Use Lookup in Photos to Discover Laundry Symbols in iOS 17

5th September 2023

Jacob Woolcock



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In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to make the most of the new Lookup feature in iOS 17, using it to decipher those tricky washing symbols on your clothing tags. Whether you’re baffled by laundry symbols or just want to ensure your clothes get the TLC they deserve, this video has got you covered. Join me as I walk you through the process step by step and say goodbye to laundry confusion and hello to hassle-free garment care! Don’t forget to subscribe for more QuickTips on all things Apple-related.

How many times have you looked at the tag on a piece of clothing and thought “What on earth do those symbols mean?! Can I put it in a hot wash, can I tumble dry it – what can I do here?!”

Well in iOS 17 the Lookup feature in Photos now includes those symbols!

So if you take a photograph of the tag in the garment, just like this, you can then use the Lookup button on the bottom toolbar and it will automatically show you laundry options.

When that laundry screen comes up you will then see all of the symbols on that tag, along with a full description of what each one actually means.

On my garment here you can see the tags have got their descriptions on already, which means you can check out accurate this service really is.

On a lot of garments you won’t have that writing, you just have the weird hieroglyphic symbol type things, and hopefully that means you’ll never end up shrinking your favourite sweater in the tumble dryer again.

And that also means I can’t blame it on the tumble drier anymore – it’s just eating too many biscuits!

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