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Enhancing Feedback on Student Projects: Skriva Stylus in the Classroom

2nd April 2024

Jacob Woolcock



In this video, I demonstrate an innovative way to provide feedback on students’ work without marking their original pages, using the camera app on an iPad to capture their projects. I then use a Skriva Stylus to annotate these images directly on the iPad, showcasing how this tool can enhance the feedback process in a digital learning environment. This tutorial is part of a special partnership with Skriva Stylus, highlighting its effectiveness in educational settings. Join me to discover how this approach can revolutionize the way you interact with student work, making feedback more engaging and preserving the integrity of their original submissions.

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Leaving students feedback on digital learning is often quite a straightforward task because it’s on the iPad anyway. However, when they complete work in their books, maybe in a sketchbook for example, leaving feedback is equally important. But you might not want to get a biro out and write all over their lovely work. So, we’re going to use the camera app to snap a photo of this graphics project. In fact, it’s one of my old graphics projects from when I was back in college. I’m going to take a nice photo of the whole page of my student’s learning.

Obviously, we can’t use an actual biro on our iPad screen because that would be terrible. But we can use our Skriva Stylus. So, what I’m going to do is jump into the photo I’ve just taken, and then press ‘Edit’ on the top toolbar. From here, we’ll then go into MarkUp mode, which will bring up those drawing tools that you’ve probably used in other apps. From here, I can simply choose any of the tools that I already use, maybe the highlighter, and using that Skriva Stylus, I can start annotating the work straight away. I can zoom into certain areas, change my tool, perhaps point out a spelling mistake if there was one. Of course, there wasn’t, because my work’s perfect. But I can then change anything that I need to.

This is such a great way of adding feedback to your students’ work without actually damaging their original page. Of course, you could then share this document, perhaps via Showbie or whatever learning platform you’re using, and it will share as a normal photograph. When you save it, you can even, using the markup tools, add stickers. So, for me, I can press the ‘Add Sticker’ button, and I can put a little Memoji doing a thumbs-up, and then perhaps a speech bubble as well with a comment on the next step for that student. This is just another way that I use my stylus and my iPad every single day in my teaching.

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