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How to use Emoji in Markup to Safely Censor Pupil Faces in Photos

7th June 2020

Jacob Woolcock



Have you ever wanted to share a photo of your class but can’t have certain children faces online? Or perhaps you want to send a picture home to a parent but can’t include the other children? You can use the Markup tools built into the Photos app on iPad and iPhone to add an Emoji and position it exactly where you want to safely censor the pupils faces. Simple, easy and safe.

Okay, let’s show you a really quick way to hide a pupils face in a photograph using an emoji.

When you’ve got a photograph of a pupil you want to use, tap onto Edit in the top corner and then press the three little dots and choose Markup.

Normally here you can use the pencil tools and the highlighters to colour in your image or to add annotations.

But if you press the plus button at the bottom you can choose text.

Double tap on your new text box and then you can choose to add an emoji.

I tend to go for an Emoji that mirrors the expression of the child in the picture and then tap on it to add.

From here you can use the font menu to make the size bigger by dragging that slider all the way up.

Try and match it to the size of the head for a better result.

Then you can just drag it across your page use two fingers to rotate and position it exactly where you want it to be.

Press done in the top corner when you’ve finished and your photograph will now be saved with that emoji on the childs face.

Much better for safeguarding, much better for online privacy and now it might be an image that’s safe to share if your school will allow it.

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