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How to use Emoji and Stickers to Censor Photos in MarkUp on iOS 17

6th September 2023

Jacob Woolcock



In this video, I’ll show you how to use Emoji Stickers to censor photos with MarkUp on iOS 17. Whether you want to cover faces, add a touch of creativity to your images, or hide private information, I’ve got you covered. Join me in this fun photo editing tutorial where we explore the exciting world of Emoji Stickers and learn how to make your photos stand out while preserving privacy. Discover the art of censoring and decorating photos with a simple and educational approach that’s perfect for teachers and anyone looking to have some fun with Stickers on their Apple devices.

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The new Stickers in iOS 17 are fantastic and they can be used all over the place, and one of the main ways they can be used is kind of hidden actually – it’s in the Markup tools.

Now the Markup tools are available all over your phone, for example in Photos or PDF Documents, or if you’re doing a sketch and it’s that floating toolbar at the bottom where you have the pen and the highlighter or the ruler – those sort of tools.

And as well as using those to annotate a photo, for example like this one of me here, I can also press the Plus button and now I can add a Sticker.

Now when I go into here it’s going to bring up the same Sticker Drawer from the Messages app, and I can use any of these stickers to add to my photograph.

And excitingly because Emoji are stickers as well I can drag any Emoji that I want onto my photo!

So for example this ‘thought bubble’ – I can put it on there.

I can make it bigger and smaller, I can rotate it just like you’d expect and I can press in the corner to delete it if I wanted to.

Let’s add one more Sticker – and this time I’m going for the Memoji stickers, and I’m going to choose a Memoji head to replace my actual head.

When I’ve found it I can drag it on,, but I can make it bigger and position it just as I like.

I think that looks pretty fun!

When I press Done it will then save that photo with the new stickers on top and because it’s now part of the photo, if I make any edits (for example applying a filter or making it black and white) it will apply for the stickers as well which adds a really fun and interesting quality to your picture!

But don’t worry if you decide that actually no, I want to go back to what I have before.

You can simply press the three dots in the corner of the photo screen and then you can press Revert to Original, then you’ll back the photo you had before with no stickers, no text, no highlighting, no filters – no nothing!

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