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Bulk Edit your Photographs Quickly and Easily

28th August 2022


| Photos
iPhone 13 Pro
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iOS 16

Jacob Woolcock

28th August 2022

Jacob Woolcock



| Photos
iPhone 13 Pro
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iOS 16

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With iOS 16 you can now edit multiple images at the same time, with the new bulk image editing tools. That means you can add some filters, change the exposure and adjust the lighting on a photo and then use those exact same edits on the other pictures you took at the same time. This saves a ton of time and means getting a great looking set of images is easier than ever before!


Did you know you can now Copy and Paste Edits in the Photos app which means you can quickly edit a whole batch of photos in just a few taps? Here’s how it works.

So here’s a very common situation for you…

You’ve got a nice little photo shoot with your Memoji stickers, but you want to make them into a dark ‘Film Noir’ sort of vibe.

We’ve all been there, haven’t we?!

Well in the past to achieve this very common task you’d have to go through every picture individually.

You tap onto one, you’d press Edit and then you’d adjust the settings at the bottom.

You might apply a filter or two, you might change the levels.

For me I’m going to add a dark vignette around the edge to add even more atmosphere.

And then when you press Done you’d have to go on to the next picture and do the same and try and remember those settings for each one.

Well, not anymore!

Now we’ve edited one picture I’m going to press the three dots in the top corner from here there’s a new option that says Copy Edits.

Now when you tap on there you could then scroll sideways to the next photo, press the three dots and Paste Edits.

But an even better way is to go back to the whole Album, to press select and then to select as many pictures as you want.

When those images are all selected you can press the three dots (on the bottom toolbar this time) and press Paste Edits right from here.

As quickly as this, all of those edits will be applied to all the pictures you selected!

Now whilst this is great you might be thinking “oh, that didn’t quite work so well on some of those – how do I undo this?”.

Well it’s very simple.

You can do this either individually, or to the whole batch again.

So first of all let’s do it to one image and we’ll tap onto this one.

Simply press the three dots in the top toolbar and then press Revert To Original.

Just like that my original Memoji sticker is back.

But of course if we go back to the whole album, press select on the top toolbar, and then select all the pictures that you want to restore you can press those three dots in the bottom corner and Revert them all to the original.

And just like that they’re back to normal!

This is such a cool feature and it really lets you take control of your Photo Library like never before.

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The Apple Photos app is a photo management tool that allows users to organise, edit, and share their images and videos across Apple devices. It features advanced editing tools, intelligent organisation options like Memories and People, and seamless iCloud integration to keep the media library up-to-date and accessible from anywhere.
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