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Using Suggested Journal Entries as Writing Prompts [Video Tutorial]

11th December 2023

Jacob Woolcock


Join me as we explore the intricacies of the latest Journal app, uncovering tips and tricks for efficient and meaningful entries. Discover the art of leveraging suggestions, seamlessly blending old and new memories to create a truly personalised journal. I’ll guide you through the process of customising entries with precision, ensuring your journal reflects the moments that matter most to you. Whether you’re a seasoned journal enthusiast or just starting, this tutorial provides user-friendly insights to enhance your iPhone journaling experience. Let’s transform your memories into a captivating narrative, making your journal a cherished digital keepsake. Hit play and embark on a journey of self-expression through the lens of your iPhone. Happy journaling!

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One of my favourite parts of the new Journal app is the fact it will recommend and suggest things that you might want to journal about. So, when you tap on the plus button to make a new post, you actually have suggested things and recent things. Now, recent things will obviously show you the most recent things that your phone thinks are worth journaling, but suggested ones will find a mixture of old and new. Maybe photos taken 10 years ago today or maybe a memory of your friends from a couple of years back – those sorts of things.

When you find one that you want to journal, perhaps for me it’s Christmas shopping in Falmouth, I can then tap on there and customise that suggestion. It might be that I don’t want all of these photos and videos as part of it. Actually, as I go along, there’s this very odd Christmas decoration that I found in the shop that I took a picture of as a joke to send to a friend that I don’t really want in my journal. So, I can tap and deselect that picture. Then, of course, I can write an entry just like I normally would by choosing a title and then writing the memory that I want to journal about. But even though it’s suggested, we can still add more content if we wanted to.

For example, if I tap on the media button down here, I could perhaps add another photo to that day. I haven’t actually got any more pictures in that day, but I’ll just put this one on to demonstrate. Of course, I don’t actually want it, so I can simply press the X in the corner to get rid of it. When you finish your writing and you’ve chosen the media you want, your memory is ready to save into Journal. But there’s one thing you need to do first. On the top toolbar, there’s a small button with three dots in it. Tapping here lets you change the date associated with this journal entry. Now, by default, it’s the date you’re adding it, so for me, it’s today’s date. But actually, this memory happened a few days ago, so you can change the date from the entry date to the memory date if you want to. When I press done, it’s added to Journal, and I’ve even got that video live playing in the journal screen for me.

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