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Organise your Journal with Filters and Bookmarked Entries [Video Tutorial]

11th December 2023

Jacob Woolcock


In this comprehensive tutorial, I delve into the intricacies of the iPhone Journal app, guiding you through the art of efficient content organization. Join me as we explore the diverse world of filters, from sorting entries by location to uncovering the hidden gems within your memories. I’ll demonstrate practical strategies for navigating your growing journal, ensuring you can effortlessly locate cherished moments, whether they are captured in photos or videos. From mastering the basics to unlocking advanced techniques, this tutorial is designed to enhance your journaling experience and make revisiting your fondest memories a breeze. So, grab your iPhone, follow along, and let’s elevate your journaling game together!

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On the Journal app for iPhone, you can filter by different post types. All you need to do is tap on the filter button in the top right corner on that home screen. From here, you can filter by several different categories. I’m going to filter by places first of all. Now, only entries that have a location attached to them will show up. These could be photos I’ve tagged with a location or a location by itself. Of course, then I can simply tap onto one of those memories that I’ve written, and I can explore the pictures and the other content that I shared back when that memory happened.

I can go back to my filter options, and maybe this time we’ll look for videos instead. Now, there’s only one post on my journal so far, and it’s the first snow of the year. I can quickly tap on there and watch that video, which means it’s easier to find the content that I want to get to. But as your Journal grows and you start getting dozens or maybe hundreds of posts with videos included, you can see how this filter might not be quite as useful. That’s why you can bookmark certain posts as well.

On my first snow memory, I’m simply going to pull it to the right-hand side by swiping right and then tap that bookmark icon. You’ll see a little orange bookmark icon in the bottom corner as well. Now, when I go to filter bookmarks as an option, I can filter by, and then it will show the most precious memories that I’ve marked as bookmarked. Just like this one of our cat Pudding finding out what snow is for the first time. Not the best photo but a lovely memory that I want to look back on in the future.

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