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Set Up Time to Write Reminders to Encourage you to Add Journal Entries [Video Tutorial]

11th December 2023

Jacob Woolcock


In this video, I guide you through the process of seamlessly incorporating journaling into your daily routine using your iPhone. We explore the Journal app’s powerful feature that allows you to set personalised reminders, ensuring you never miss an entry. From navigating the Settings app to selecting the perfect day and time for prompts, I provide a step-by-step tutorial, emphasising the importance of consistency in maintaining a journaling habit. Join me as we demystify the process, turning your iPhone into a helpful tool for self-reflection and personal growth. Whether you’re a seasoned journalist or just starting, this video offers valuable insights and practical tips to make journaling an effortless and rewarding part of your daily life.

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If you’re anything like me, sometimes it’s easy to forget you need to do certain things. With the new Journal app, I really want to give it a go and update it regularly.

However, I do find myself forgetting quite often.

Well, there’s actually a simple solution for this – all we need to do is jump into the Settings app and then scroll down until we reach “Journal.”

From here, we’re then going to go on to “Journaling Schedule,” and we can choose what day of the week and what time we want to be reminded.

For me, I’m going to set a reminder for every day at 8:00 p.m. in the evening.

Then, when the time comes around, I’ll get a little notification on my phone, reminding me to add to my Journal.

Tapping this alert will take me straight into the Journaling app, and from here, I can either write my own manual entry or tap the magic wand button to find a suggested one that I want to type about.

I find this to be a nice, gentle nudge to remind me to add something into my Journal.

It’s very low stakes; it doesn’t matter if I miss anything, but it is nice to have that reminder.

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