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Jacob Woolcock

Stylus | iPad

These videos form part of a collaboration between Jacob's QuickTips and Skriva Stylus and have been designed to share impactful and innovative ways of using a stylus alongside your iPad in the classroom.

Digital Feedback on Paper Documents


In this video, I demonstrate how to leave digital feedback on students’ physical work by photographing it and using the MarkUp tools on an iPad. I show how to annotate the photo with a stylus, add comments, and share the feedback through a learning platform.

Capturing Student Understanding


In this video, I show how teachers can use the Skriva Stylus and an iPad to get proof of students’ understanding by having them create screen recordings. I demonstrate how to set up the stylus, enable screen recording with narration, and import the recording into a Freeform document for teacher review.

Digital Whiteboard Recordings


In this video, I demonstrate how to use an iPad and Skriva Stylus to record whiteboard-style teaching sessions in the Notes app. I show how to AirPlay the screen, record the session with audio, and share the recording with students for later review.

Convert Handwritten Maths Equations to Typed Text


In this video, I'll demonstrate how to use OneNote's powerful tool to convert handwritten equations into typed text, making it perfect for solving complex maths problems on an iPad. Using my Skriva stylus, I'll show you how to quickly jot down equations, convert them into text, and even correct any mistakes using Maths Assistant.

Using Smart Annotations for Inline Feedback


In this video, I demonstrate how to use the Smart Annotations feature in the Pages app, a powerful tool for both students and teachers. You'll learn how to mark up text with a Skriva stylus, providing real-time feedback that stays aligned with the text even as students make edits. This ensures that annotations remain relevant and visible, helping students improve their writing skills effectively.

Creating and Collaborate on Digital Mind Maps


In this video, I demonstrate how to use a Skriva stylus and the Freeform app on an iPad to create collaborative digital mind maps with students. By replacing traditional Post-it notes and paper with this digital solution, I show how to enhance classroom learning and management. You'll learn how to set up a Freeform board, share it with students, and utilise the stylus for handwriting and grouping text.

Highlighting and Annotating PDF Documents


In this video, I demonstrate the educational potential of using a Skriva Stylus on an iPad for annotating PDF documents. I guide you through the process of highlighting different parts of speech—nouns, verbs, and adjectives—using various colours, and explain how this can be adapted for other educational purposes, such as identifying prime numbers or times tables.

Using a Virtual Laser Pointer and Annotations during Presentations


In this video, I demonstrate how to effectively use the Skriva stylus with an iPad during classroom presentations. I highlight the convenience of annotating directly on the screen which is akin to using a traditional whiteboard. I showcase how the temporary annotations enhance teaching by drawing attention to key concepts and aiding explanations.

Handwriting to Text with the Scribble Tool


In this how-to video, I demonstrate the powerful capabilities of the Scribble tool when used with a Skriva stylus on an iPad. You'll learn how to enable Scribble in the Settings app and see it in action as I convert my handwriting into typed text in various apps, including Pages, Safari, and Notes.