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Recording and Sharing Classroom Input with iPad and Skriva Stylus

6th March 2024

Jacob Woolcock



In this tutorial, I demonstrate how the iPad, in partnership with the Skriva Stylus, transforms classroom teaching by allowing me to easily record and share interactive lessons. I cover the seamless integration of the Notes app and AirPlay with Apple TV, showing how to make learning materials accessible and revisit-able for students at any time. This video showcases a practical and innovative teaching method, leveraging technology to enhance educational engagement and retention.

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When I’m teaching, it’s quite common for me to want to grab a whiteboard pen and go over a quick concept or idea on the board to help ensure my students are on track. However, with my iPad and my Skriva Stylus, I can do this in an even better way because I can record it and then share that recording later. This allows a student to watch it back when it suits them or when they need a reminder. All I’m going to do is use the Notes app for this, and as you can see, I’ve already drawn a maths problem we’re trying to solve in the class. Then, I’m going to tap onto the drawing tools on the top toolbar and make sure I’ve got a good selection of pen colour that’ll stand out on my whiteboard.

From this point, I want to ensure that my screen is visible to all of my students, so I’m going to flick down from the top-right corner to go into Control Centre. From here, I’m going to enable AirPlay to show on my Apple TV in my classroom. Whilst Apple TV is great because it works in the here and now, I also want to record what I’m doing so my students can watch it again later on. So, back on that main Control Centre screen, I’m going to tap and hold on the screen recording option and make sure the microphone is turned on so I can pick up my audio as I’m teaching the class. Then, I’m going to press ‘start recording’.

Now it’s recording, I’m going to grab my Skriva Stylus and start annotating all over this page. I’m going to make scribbles, cross things out, rub bits out, and annotate it as I’m modelling that to my students as I’m narrating it. The iPad’s going to record my words and the picture. It’s not going to be neat; it’s not going to be pretty, but it gets the message across. When I press ‘stop’ on that top toolbar, I’ve got a screen recording video with audio in my Photos app, ready to go. In fact, if I jump into Photos now, we can see that screen recording is saved there, ready to go. I can watch it back, scrub through, and if I press the share button in the top corner, I can then share it to my learning platform of choice. So for me, I can tap onto Showbie, and then it’s ready to go in my class so my students can access that learning again at a later date. This simple trick is another way that I use the stylus of my iPad every single day as a teacher.

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