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Screen Recording your Students Understanding: A Teacher’s Tutorial with Skriva Stylus

12th March 2024

Jacob Woolcock


In this educational YouTube video, I demonstrate an innovative method to assess student understanding using an iPad and the Skriva Stylus. By guiding viewers through the process of creating a screen recording while solving a problem, I showcase how this partnership with Skriva Stylus enhances teaching techniques. Learn how to seamlessly integrate technology into the classroom and empower students to articulate their problem-solving strategies effectively.

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As a teacher, I know just how important it is that we have a firm grasp on our students’ understanding. Do they know how to work out the process to get to the answer they need, or are they perhaps looking at their friend’s answer next door to help them out a little bit? Using my Skriva Stylus, I’m going to show you today how we can get that proof of understanding from our students in a really simple way.

So here, I’ve got a worksheet in Freeform, and if I zoom into that last question, you’ll see a message from the teacher to the students. In this instance, all I want my students to do is a short screen recording as they work through that process, narrating what they’re doing.

So, we’re going to make sure that our Skriva Stylus is ready to go by tapping on the screen and then choosing what size brush and pen colour we like. I’ll go for green for this example. Then, I’m going to pull down into Control Center on the top right corner to find the screen recording button. I want to make sure the microphone is enabled, so I’ll tap and hold that button to turn the microphone on. Then, I’m simply going to tap it once more to start my screen recording.

Now, at this point, the student can start working out that question, and as they start talking out loud and narrating it, using their stylus to show what they’re doing, the iPad’s going to record both the pen movements and the voice as well.

“…first of all, using Pythagoras’ theorem, Z squared is equal to the other two sides squared…”

When we’re done, we’ll simply press the stop button on the top toolbar – that’s the red one. Then, the student can simply import that movie into Freeform by tapping on the media button on the top of my screen, and then from here, we can go on to photo or video that screen recording, we in the photo library straight away, and with one tap, we can add it into our Freeform document.

From here, the teacher can then watch that recording back and listen to the narration as it happens. You can even tap on it in the eyeball here to view it full screen and then scrub through to find particular parts in the recording. And that’s just another way that your iPad, with a good stylus, can become an invaluable teaching tool.

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