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Shapes and Custom Shape Styles [Video Tutorial]

13th December 2022

Jacob Woolcock


Shapes and Symbols can really bring a Freeform Board to life – especially once you know how to Copy + Paste Styles and change the Default Style for new shapes. That means you can quickly and easily create great looking graphics that’ll help you better organise your Freeform Boards and hopefully enhance your productivity.

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Now that we’ve got our text headings on our board, it’s time to make it a bit more interesting by adding some imagery and symbols. At the bottom of my screen, there’s a little button that looks like a square and a circle together. This will bring up the built-in shapes library. If you’ve used Keynote, Numbers, or Pages before, you’ll be very familiar with just how many hundreds and hundreds of shapes there are here. We can use the top bar to filter by category, or we can simply search. I’m going to search for a picture of a camera, and when I’ve found that camera, I’m going to tap on it and then drag to position it on top of my “Things to See” label.

Now, let’s go across our board to the “Things to Buy” label, and here, add another shape, perhaps a shopping bag or something like that. So again, I’ll press that shapes button, search for what I want, and tap on it to add it to my board. Once I’ve got a couple of shapes on my board, we can change how they look. You haven’t got to stick with that boring blue image.

So, if I tap onto my shopping bag to get that floating toolbar, the first thing I can do is add and customise the outline. Tapping on this button will let you choose how thick your line is, and if you want a straight line or a dotted or dashed line, and you can choose a colour here as well. I’m going to go for this style, which I think looks quite cool, and then we’re going to change the fill colour of the shape itself to get rid of that blue. We’ll try a couple of different colours, and yes, I think that red looks nice with the orange outline.

Now, zooming out, you can see straight away that my shopping bag now differs quite a lot from my camera. But if you watched the last video, you’ll know that you can press the three dots when you’ve selected the shape that you like and go into style, and then copy style. Then, when you tap on the other shape on the canvas and go onto the three dots in style, I can paste the style. But if you’re planning on adding more shapes to your board, there’s a quicker way of setting this as a default style.

So, tap onto one of the shapes you’ve customised, press the three dots, and go onto style. From here, you want to save it as the insert style. That means any other shapes you add to this board will automatically be put on with that style. Let’s test this out by adding an airplane to our “Travel” label. So, one more time, we’ll go onto shapes, search for a plane, and put it on, and look, just like that, we’ve got that lovely formatting on the new shape as well.

Right, that’s it for this video, but in the next one, we’ll look at adding our own photographs and our own videos onto our board, and I’ll show you a sneaky trick to make them look really cool. I’ll see you there in a second.

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