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Save Full Page Screenshots as PDF Files

21st September 2019

Jacob Woolcock


This video will show you how take Screenshots like never before on iOS – by capturing the whole page and saving it straight to Files as a PDF document! Really quick tip to make your experience using iPadOS and iOS even better.

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One of the new screenshot features makes it really easy to save whole webpages and whole documents as PDF files.

Normally when you take a Screenshot by holding the Lock and the Home buttons together you just capture what’s actually on the screen and you can save this normally to your Photos or your Files.

But if you go to the top and you press Full Page you can actually get a Screenshot of everything on that document or that webpage.

You can use the right hand side to scroll up and down.

Of course you can then use the MarkUp tools if you want to and annotate that document, and when you’re finished you can press Done in the top corner and you can choose to save that straight to your Files as a PDF document.

You can then go to your Files app and find that document again and if you want to add any more annotations to it you can or you can share it, organise it or do whatever you want to do with that newly made PDF document.

It’s a really cool feature to have in iPadOS and iOS 13.

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