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Lock your Private Tabs in Safari for more Secure Private Browsing

6th September 2023

Jacob Woolcock



In this video, I’ll show you a game-changing feature in Safari on iOS 17 that you won’t want to miss! Join me as I guide you through the process of locking your private tabs for ultimate security during your secret browsing sessions. Learn how to protect your tabs with FaceID like a pro and enhance your private browsing experience. Don’t miss out on these essential tips to keep your online activities safe and secure. Let’s dive right in and master the art of private browsing in Safari. Stay tuned for more QuickTips on all things Apple-related!

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Now, private browsing has been available in Safari for many years, and if you’re not sure, it’s when you can browse the internet without leaving a search history or saving cookies on your device. So, for example, if you’re doing some Christmas shopping for your fiancée and you don’t want her to find out what you’ve been searching for, you could use a private browsing window for that. In iOS 17, you can now use Face ID or Touch ID to protect your private tabs, which means they’re more secure than ever. To enable this feature, all I’m going to do is go into the Settings app and then scroll down until I reach Safari. From here, we’re then going to scroll down to Private Browsing and enable that secure mode. Then, when I go back into Safari, back into my private tab, you’ll notice straight away Face ID does a check to make sure it’s me accessing that tab. And just like that, my private browsing is now more secure than ever before. And this is just another small way that iOS 17 improves your iPhone experience. And if you want to learn what else has changed and what else your phone can now do, please check out this playlist on the end screen now. And if you like this video and you want some more iPhone quick tips in your life, just subscribe down below. That way, you won’t miss any in the future.

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