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Change the Address Bar Location in Safari

21st September 2021

Jacob Woolcock



The new Safari Toolbar on iOS 15 is a HUGE change, especially if you’ve been using an iPhone for years like me. If you don’t like having the address bar at the bottom of the screen or want to get the old look back you can – this quick video tutorial will show you how!

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One of the big new changes in iOS 15 is the location of the Address Bar in Safari.

In this #QuickTip I’ll show you how you can move it between the top and the bottom of your screen according to your taste.

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The toolbar in Safari is now pinned to the bottom of your screen – that’s where the Address Bar lives along with the New Tab button and the Back and Forward buttons.

As you scroll up and down a web page that bar will disappear slightly so it’s not in the way, but if you tap on there it will then bring that bar back and you can use the Address Bar as normal.

As well as being easier to reach with your thumb, having the Address Bar at the bottom also brings a really good new feature with tabs.

You can swipe that Address Bar left or right to move between any open tabs you’ve got open.

So if I swipe to one side I will change web pages just as quickly as you can change an app normally.

Of course I can then flick the other way to go back to where I was just now.

However for some people having this tool out the bottom will break a lot of muscle memory that you’ve learned over the last 10 or so years using Safari on your iPhone and you may want that to go back to the top of your screen. I completely understand!

There are two ways to do this and the first one is to press the little symbol of two Aa’s in the Address Bar.

On here you’ll have the option to move the Tab Bar back to the top and then as soon as you press that Safari should look a lot more like you’re used to.

When the Toolbar is at the top you can again press that button with a little Aa in it and that will then let you bring the toolbar back to the bottom should you wish.

You can test this out and see which one feels best for you.

The other way of changing it is to go into the Settings App, scrolling down to Safari, and on there you’ve got an option of how the Tab Bar is going to work.

You can choose between having a Tab Bar or a Single Tab and that will move the Address Bar accordingly.

You can even choose how this works in landscape mode and you can turn off the colour tinting if you like as well.

If you’re not sure what this means, the Safari browser will now pick out colours from websites and it will colour some of the UI to match that site.

You may like this or you may find it distracting but you’ve got some options here to make those choices.

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