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How to use the Safari Download Manager on iPadOS and iOS 13

22nd September 2019

Jacob Woolcock



Explore the built-in download manager in Safari as I demonstrate how to easily download and manage files, including images from Unsplash, directly from your browser. Learn how to access and organise your downloads efficiently, making them readily available for your creative projects.

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In Safari, we now have a fully built-in download manager. I’ll show you how it works by finding some nice photography from Unsplash to download. When I find an image and press “download,” you’ll notice a new popover message that appears. From here, I can view the image or press “download.” I’m going to press “download,” and you’ll notice a new icon appear in the top toolbar; this icon is your download manager. When you tap on it, you will see all the files you’ve recently downloaded. If you have any downloads in progress, you’ll also see how far along they are. If you tap on the file from here, it will open up the Files app straight to your new downloads folder, where you can view, browse, and work with the files you’ve just downloaded. They should all be there, ready for you to use in your projects.

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