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Using the Built-In iCloud Password Manager

31st October 2021

Jacob Woolcock



In iOS 15 there’s now a fully-functional Password Manager built right into the Settings App. That means you can view and edit your passwords, set up Two-Step Verification and even get alerts on security vulnerabilities or password breaches. It’s very simple to use – here’s a quick guide to get you started.

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There’s a brand new password manager built into your iPhone and your iPad with the iOS 15 update.

Here’s a quick guide to how it works.

On the Mac you’ve always had access to a Keychain Utility where you can go in and edit and view your passwords at any time, but on an iPhone and iPad this hasn’t been possible up until now.

Your passwords are still auto-filled through iCloud Keychain but you were never able to edit them and view them on device.

Now if you jump into Settings and then scroll down to Passwords, when you authenticate with Face or Touch ID, you’ll then see a list of all of your accounts on your device.

As you can see I’ve got hundreds and I really need to go through and sort mine out so it’s a good reminder there for me.

But if I go on to one of these I can then edit my password.

I can view it if i’m not sure what it was and I can change the URLs that will automatically fill when I go into Safari.

Of course you can search by password as well so you can search for a particular website or app and all the passwords linked to that account will show up.

One of the really good features is that you can even change your password from within the Settings app.

So on the Apple website I might want to change my Apple ID password and I can do that simply by tapping the button that says ‘Change Password on Website’.

This is particularly important especially if you use a similar password for different websites or if one of your accounts has been breached in some way.

In fact on that password screen at the very top it’ll give you some security tips to improve your password security.

For me again I haven’t been through my passwords in years and years and years and it desperately needs doing.

I can see what websites have had attacks or been breached and I can see which passwords I’ve reused.

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