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How to Browse Safely and Privately on iPhone

11th December 2021

Jacob Woolcock



Private Browsing is a really handy feature in Safari for iPhone and iPad as it’ll let you browse the web without saving passwords, cookies or history. This feature has moved slightly in the latest version of Safari but don’t panic – I’ll show you how to switch between Private (Incognito) and Normal Tabs in this short video.

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Hi it’s Jacob here with another iOS #QuickTip for you, and today I’m going to show you how Private Browsing mode works in Safari.

Sometimes in Safari we might want to use Private Browsing so that our activity isn’t tracked.

For example if you’re doing Christmas shopping you don’t want your partner to find the presents you’re buying for them, (or maybe even presents you’re buying for yourself!?) – who knows?

Well in Safari if you go onto the Tab Screen then at the bottom you can press the Tab Group button.

Now Private Browsing used to be more obvious than this, but this is now where it lives.

And from here you can tap onto Private Tabs.

So now, any Tab that you’re using will only store the data and the cookies for that one session.

As soon as you close the Tab it’ll be gone forever.

So that means I can start looking for my own Christmas present online and no one will know that I’ve been trying to buy a very expensive LEGO set!

Of course you can press that Tab button at the bottom again to go back to Normal Browsing mode and that will bring up all the Tabs that you had open before.

They don’t disappear when you switch between the two modes.

And that’s it, a nice little short #QuickTip video for you to help you make the most out of your iPhone or iPad.

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I’ll see you next time.

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