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How to use the Markup Tools on iPadOS

23rd September 2019

Jacob Woolcock


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Explore the exciting Markup toolbar in iPadOS, offering a versatile set of tools for annotating and editing content on your iPad screen. Learn how to customise the toolbar, use various tools like the Eraser, Selection Brush, and Ruler, and even choose your preferred colour for annotations to enhance your digital creativity.

A big system-wide change in iPadOS is the addition of the new Markup toolbar. First of all, you’ll notice you can pick up the toolbar by the tab at the top and move it wherever you’d like around the screen. When you’ve tapped to select a tool, if you tap it again you’ll get additional options such as brush size and opacity. This works for all of the tools on the page with the exception of the Eraser. When you got there you have two options – Object Eraser or Pixel Eraser.

If you choose Object Eraser it’ll rub out whatever object you’ve drawn that comes into contact with it. If you choose Pixel Eraser it’ll work like a traditional eraser and rub out the parts that you brush over. There’s also a Selection Brush tool which you can use to draw around an object that you’ve drawn and then move it, resize it, delete it, duplicate it – whatever you want to do!

Finally we’ve got the Ruler and if you tap on the ruler it will lay it on to your screen and you can use two fingers to move and rotate your ruler. Then when you use a Pencil or a Pen tool and you try and draw along that ruler it will automatically snap to give you a really lovely straight line. Don’t forget that you aren’t just limited to the five colours on the top there you can also press the Colour Picker button to choose a different colour as well.

Finally on the More button at the end with those three dots you can choose to auto-hide your toolbar or to leave it on the screen as you’re drawing. This is your personal preference of course.

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