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How to take Screenshots with the Apple Pencil in iPadOS

23rd September 2019

Jacob Woolcock


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Discover a quick and convenient way to capture screenshots on your iPad using an Apple Pencil or Logitech Crayon. Learn how to use this handy shortcut to take regular screenshots or even capture entire webpages as PDF documents, making it easier than ever to save and share your content.

If you’re someone who uses an Apple Pencil or a Logitech Crayon, you’re going to love this next tip. Simply take your Pencil and go to the bottom right corner of your iPad screen and just slide in diagonally. Instantly, you’ll have a screenshot of whatever is on your page. From here, you could go straight into the MarkUp tools to annotate or highlight, and then you can press Done in the top corner and save that Screenshot wherever you’d like it to go. Don’t forget when you’ve taken your screenshot by sliding your pencil in from the bottom right-hand corner that you can always choose to have a Full Page screenshot as well, which will save as a PDF document. This will capture the whole webpage or document that you’re looking at, making sure you won’t miss anything in your screenshot. It’s really quick to use this shortcut when you remember it’s there, and you can get screenshots with just your pencil, whenever you’d like.

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