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How to Remove Existing Audio from Videos in the Clips App [Video Tutorial]

1st September 2019

Jacob Woolcock



In this video, I delve into the process of removing unwanted audio from your Clips, covering both original and recorded audio options for a cleaner sound. We demonstrate how to mute different types of audio, ensuring your clips are left with only the sounds you want, making the process straightforward and effective.

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On some of your clips, you may notice that there’s audio from the original video, and you may also want to remove this. So, let’s have a look at how you would do that. You can hear the background noise if I play my film here, so I’m going to stop the playback and tap onto a clip. From here, I’m going to press mute on that circle button in the middle. On Clips I’ve recorded from my camera roll, there are two different options for muting: muting recorded audio and muting original audio. The original audio is the sound that was recorded when you first captured your video clip. The recorded audio is any audio that Clips picked up as you held the record button. You may want to keep this if you’re doing a voiceover or commentary in your video. But for me, I’m going to turn them all off on all of my clips, then I should just be left with my beautiful sound. Very easy, as that, job done.

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