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How to Customise Memoji Clothing

17th October 2021

Jacob Woolcock



One of my favourite additions in iOS 15 is the ability to give your Memoji Clothing! Yes that’s right, you can now give them outfits to wear which appear in the new sticker choices. There’s a huge amount of customisation available here and you can fine-tune your Memoji’s appearance like never before. This short video will show you exactly how it works!

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As of iOS 15, you can now give your Memoji some clothing and customize how that looks. Here’s how it works. Okay, so in the Messages app, we’re going to tap on that Memoji button at the bottom and from here, you’re going to swipe across until you find the Memoji you want to give your clothing to. Then press the three dots in the bottom corner and select Edit on the Memoji customization screen. Along with the hairstyle and the eyewear, facial hair, all of those sorts of characteristics, at the very, very end on the right-hand side is a new option called Clothing. As I scroll across to Clothing, you’ll see the top of my screen change slightly. It’s no longer the animated Memoji preview – instead, we’ve got some stickers and you may notice these are new stickers in iOS 15. I can swipe through them and that means that as I change my outfit I can see how it applies in real-time to those stickers. Memoji themselves are just talking heads at the moment but the stickers can have a body as well (in particular the torso, the arms, the shoulders, the neck) and as I go into my clothing options, you can see there are dozens of different types of outfits I can wear.

These include a huge variety of different things from leather jackets to hoodies, to shirts, to dresses – just about anything you can imagine really. But my favorite thing about these new customization options on Memoji is that you can choose multiple different colorways for each and every piece of clothing. If I choose an outfit that I like (for example, this t-shirt) and then go up to the top I have Main, Second, and Third color choices. I can tap onto any one of these to choose a different color and I can make it more or less saturated. This gives a huge amount of customization and personalization, and you can explore this to see what color combinations look best on the outfits you’ve chosen. This way your Memoji can look even more unique than ever before.

I’m going to try and mirror my nice grey shirt in my Memoji, so I’m going to go onto the long-sleeve shirt and I’m going to choose some different color greys by making some slightly brighter and some slightly darker. It hasn’t got to be wild and wacky colours, you can use a single color, but you can alter those dark and lighter tones. And then from here in Messages, I can use my Memoji Stickers with my new outfits just like these new ones here now. That’s a really quick look at the new Memoji Outfits and Clothing in iOS 15. Don’t forget you can Like this video and Subscribe to my Channel where there are loads more iOS 15 #QuickTips just waiting for you there.

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