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How to Save Animated Memoji Videos to your Camera Roll

16th May 2020

Jacob Woolcock


Discover how to create and save a narrating Memoji for use in your videos with this quick and easy guide, using an iPhone equipped with Face ID. Learn the simple steps to record and personalize your animated Memoji, capturing your facial movements and expressions in the Messages app. This tutorial will show you how to save your Memoji with a transparent background, making it perfect for use in various programs and applications to enhance your digital content.

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I’m often asked how I save my narrating Memoji for use in my videos, and I’m going to show you very quickly now. Bear in mind, this only works on a device with a Face ID camera, so I’m using my iPhone for this, rather than my iPad. In the Messages app, you want to start a new conversation in the top corner, and you want to start that conversation with yourself. So, type in your name, tap on it, and then you’ll have a blank conversation ready to go. From here, tap onto the Memoji button in the apps toolbar, and then you can start talking. When you press the red record button, you’ve then got 30 seconds to record your animated Memoji. You can talk about whatever you like; it will mirror your face movements and gestures, and when you’re done, you press the red stop button. You can then use the arrow to send it, and it will send that video clip to yourself. To save this video into your Photos app, you need to tap and long press on the Memoji, then choose ‘Save’. It will save with a transparent background, and that means you can then use it in other programs or applications to put your animated head wherever you want it to go.

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