How to give your Memoji a Face Covering or Face Mask

24th September 2020


| Memoji
iPhone 11
iOS 14

Jacob Woolcock

24th September 2020

Jacob Woolcock



| Memoji
iPhone 11
iOS 14

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In this short tutorial I’ll show you how to add a Face Mask or Face Covering to your Memoji character on your iPhone or iPad. With the new iOS 14 update you can personalise your Memoji more than ever and a particularly great feature is the ability to add a face covering. In these times, this is more important than ever as we’re all wearing face coverings and having your Memoji reflect this will help make your conversations more personal whilst also showing your own unique style.


iOS 14 will now let you add a face covering or face mask to your Memoji. Here’s how…

To do this jump into Messages and open up any conversation you like

– I’ve started one with myself so I don’t accidentally send the Memoji to the wrong person.

From here you’re then going to choose the iMessage App for Memoji

And you should get your recently used Memoji appear at the bottom of your screen.

I’m going to select the one of me,

But rather than going straight to Edit I’m actually going to Duplicate it first

– this means I’ll have two Memoji, one with a face mask and one without.

This duplicated Memoji will go straight into Edit mode

and from here I’m going to swipe all the way along to Headwear at the end.

Now, besides all of the different hats you can get, scroll right to the very bottom of that screen

and you get the Face Coverings menu.

From here there are two different types of face coverings,

A relatively plain one with a centre seam,

and one with horizontal banding on it as well.

Choose the one that you like, perhaps the one that matches the face covering you wear,

and then you can start exploring the colour options.

Just like normal you can tap onto the colours to make them lighter or darker –

and you can experiment to see what combination looks best for the mask you want to create.

When you’re done with your face mask you can press the Done button in the top corner

and then you’ll have two Memoji – one with a face mask and one without.

Now you’ve got your Memoji wearing a face covering you can use this in your Stickers

or your animated Memoji messages that you send to your friends.

I find it really great to have these stickers available

because in this day and age where we’re all being encouraged to wear a mask as often as possible

this is a really good reminder – and it helps to normalise it a bit as well.

I just wish I could get myself a real face covering in this lovely teal colour!

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About Memoji
The Memoji feature in the Messages app allows users to create personalised, animated avatars that can be customised to resemble their appearance and expressions. These Memojis can be used in messages, FaceTime calls, and as stickers, adding a fun and expressive element to communication.

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This QuickTip video was recorded on an iPhone 11
running iOS 14.

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